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wEEK 15(Project)

  • What is a Social Media News Release?

is a press release format designed for theonline media world. A press release was written just for the “press” , but online the story needs to be told in a format that is relevant to a wide range of people. It is also designed for the community nature of the internet.So that it may be shared and commented on. It is used to inspire conversation and attract new people. They are extrememly important in this digital savvy network.

  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of a SMNR?

The advantages are that it is online and can be edited when seconds of finding new information that could help or destory ones credibility. Also it has roughly no cost at all because it is a social and web channel of reaching thousands of people. The disadvatages are that since it is a web release it can fall to plagarism, thiever, and more leaks if you it was only meant for a particular audience view.

  • When should a PR practitioner consider using a SMNR?

When wanting fast and many results SMNR should be strongly considered. Also when they are looking for clients seeking creativity and substance. Also it can be easily covered by just as many editors at a given time and even a quicker time. Can be used when wanting information to be indivdually segregated to allow users to differnt element.

  • Offer links to at least two websites that will help one create a SMNR…/how-to-create-a-socialmedianewsrelease/

Creating a SMNR

a VIDEO for SMNR creations

  • Provide a link to a SMNR that an organization has created


  • Provide 5-10 tips for SMNR creation


to capture the audience attention and have a heading give clear insight on the news

2)The post has to be perfect

3)Formatting text

Easy, readible font. Spacing is key, you can not allow your SMNR to be cluttered or unattractive to the eye, large enough to read but small enough to read in its entirety.

4)Create value

Make sure the information relates to the audience that is trying to be target, as well as identify the PR practicitioners image. Immediately capture and hold the attention of the reciever. The information needs to be creatively written but filled with credible information. Alllow the audience to feel compelled to read and persuaded by the information given. Force them to have a reaction or take a stand on the given issue.

5)Make it to the point

Do not bombard the sudience with irrevelant and excess information. Assume the audience knows nothing about the information but does not have time to read a whole book. Stress key information and necessary dates, place, and time of events. But do not be repetitive .


Black ink is the best to use when in print because it is easiest to read

the reflection or an organization should be shown in their in their publications and content

Even in the Internet age brochures are still important.

Newsletters are not dead but slight forgotten.

Advice to new Bloggers:

1) If you blog becoming truly interested in the information that you are putting forth. You never know who may stumble across your blog and decide to take you up on a debate or interest.

2) If you are not a blogger, some how make your self interested in the subject at hand. There are ways

3) Make your blog reflect you and your personality because you never know who may be looking. Could just be a future employer!

All in all HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mutlimedia class was slightly boring. It jsut expressed much information that i have heard before. It is sure to be interesting to one that has maybe never taken a mutlimedia class or seminiar.

What are infographics?    How could one be useful in a story for your client?

They are powerful ways to communicate data, stats and information. Also benefical because they get rid of the clutter and persuade people to act. These types of content attract links, buzz and traffic. These data visualizations are very successfull in to people the importance of a non-profit organzation like Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. With the infographics the organzations can attract much more people in this digital savvy networking system. In ashowing all the areas that Zeta has affected with their community service something much more effective then a pie chart is needed. And this is when infographics will work wonders.

PR Practitioners will benefit from stats information on their blog because they would then know which issues are the most important.  They will learn products and events people read about and are mostly interested in. Stats can also show them their most visisted page, how many clicks to have opn their page, search engine terms to use and much more. And they can check and see how many and who is commenting on their blog

PROpen Mic has granted many college students with the opportuntity to internships and job offers. Th availability for others to message people through blogs, videos and other social network is alos an option on PROpen Mic. The good thing about it allows another setting where people, PR people can come together and share opportunities that may enrich another. And i believe this site is much better the Facebook.

10 Ways PR people may DRIVE Journalist cRAZY:

1) By bombarded them with thousands of emails.

Wait on responses and do not continue to send emails after recieving an response.

2) Over using  HYPE.

Do not over factualize or exagerrate a story just so it can be published. Make sure before looking it that it worth yyour time so it will be worht someone else time to look into it also.

3)Information given by PR people is usually biased and not backed by creditable sources.

Don not give anyone a reason to doubt your credibility.

4)Using  “Exclusive ” when the story isnt

Be careful when using this word, think of it as if you were writing VERY IMPORTANT as a headline or even yelling FIRE

5)Constat phone calls and follow ups

No one likes a full voicemail box so be mindful when leaving messages

6)Not responding to emails or voicemails

If you have given your email or phone number as your first contact then please respond when someone is trying to contact you. The information could be very vital

7)Getting answered questions from PR sources

Make sure your sources are reliable and are willing to give information

8)Calling the editor before the journalist

Be sure to show professional courtesy

9)Press release not stating the main objective

State the main objective first and then elaborate. No one wants to read and then does not found out til the end what exactly they are reading

10) Keeping an update conact list


(5) Steps to MutliMedia Storytelling

timing- current news is always good

significance- number of people the story affects is important

 promixity- stories that are closer to us have more significance

 prominence-  this is were the saying comes in “if it bleeds it leads”

 human interst- if it is human interest it more likely to matter, no matter where the news may occur

Twitter to me is a very effective business tool. When creating my twitter account i began to only follow people of public Public Relation and a few celebrities. But a very shocking encounter was one a well known comedian by the name Duval. When following Duval he asked that all graduates or soon to be graduates tweet their degree and even what job in particular they are looking to do. He stated that he was doing this because he knows that he has over 1000 followers and that hopefully or may be by retweeting those graduates tweets it qould help them out in some kind of way. With me coming up on graduation, December 10, 2010, i decide to take him up on his offer.

Suprisingly he retweeted my tweet just as he said he would. On a large scale the chances of someone seeing that could be one in a million because the fast rates that people tweet and news feeds change. But allow though i was looking for a job offer, even though it would have been nice, by someone who is already established to do that little was a big deal for me. I have heard of some people actually recieving interviews from Twitter. I definitely believe my being on twitter has definitely change my thought of it just being another social network.